Toshali Mela 2023 – Full Details , Date and Time

The 17th Toshali Mela 2023 will take place at Janata Maidan in Bhubaneswar from 1st February 2023 to 12th February 2023 at Janata Maidan in Bhubaneswar.

Toshali Mela is a cultural festival that takes place in Bhubaneswar Odisha, showcasing the rich and diverse traditions of the country. The festival is organized every year by SIDAC on behalf of the government of Odisha, with the aim of promoting the state’s vibrant culture, Odisha handloom, and promoting tourism.

The festival takes place at the Janta Maidan located in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. The festival offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of the state, with its wide range of traditional arts, crafts, music, dance, and cuisine.

Visitors to the festival can enjoy a variety of activities and performances, including classical and folk dances, music performances, and puppet shows. The festival also showcases the state’s traditional handicrafts, including textiles, pottery, and jewelry, which are made by local artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

In addition to the cultural performances and exhibits, Toshali Mela also features a variety of food stalls that offer delicious traditional cuisine from the region. Visitors can sample a range of dishes, including pitha (rice cakes), dalma (lentil stew), and fish curry, which are prepared using locally-sourced ingredients and cooked in the traditional way.

Toshali Mela is a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse culture of Odisha, and to learn about the state’s traditional arts, crafts, and cuisine. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist visiting from abroad, the festival is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

The Khandagiri Mela 2023 is also going to be in Bhubaneswar, do visit the Khandagiri mela if you like Jatra parties.

The Adivasi Mela 2023 will start on 24th February so if you are in Bhubaneswar at that time then don’t miss the chance to attend the event.

Toshali Mela 2023 Date and Time Details

Toshali Mela 2023 Details:

Event TypesGandhi Shilp Bazar (GSB)
Event TitleNational Handicrafts Fair (17th Toshali Crafts Mela) at Bhubaneswar
Event Start Date01/02/2023
Event End Date12/02/2023
LocationJanata Maidan, Nandankanan Road, Bhubaneswar, Odisha – 751013
Total no. of Stalls250
Toshali National Crafts Mela 2023 Details

Toshali Mela 2023 time: 2.30 PM to 9.30PM

This year, 250 handcrafted and handicraft stalls are anticipated to be present. Up to 150 weavers and artisans are expected to get the chance to showcase and sell their goods directly to clients.

As it does each year, the mela will once more include a theme pavilion in Toshali Mela 2023 that will be entirely devoted to the art of Kaincha (golden grass) from Kendrapara.

Last year, the Toshali Mela 2022 attracted almost 14 lakh attendees, bringing in at least Rs 12.38 crore for the organizers. About 15 lakh visitors are expected, and traders and event organizers hope to make Rs 15 crore for the first time.

Weavers and craftspeople throughout the nation endured unspeakable misery as a result of COVID. Minister Dian noted that “this mela will give them a chance to lessen their losses.

As part of a new effort, handicraft and handloom corporations from other states are invited to showcase various handicrafts and handlooms made in those states. Visitors can enjoy delicious multi-cuisine foodstuffs and traditional Odia cuisine in a lovely environment at a food court with 30 food kiosks set up by upscale hotels and restaurants at the Toshali Mela 2023.

Major attractions at Toshali Mela 2023

Crafts by Toshali Arts and crafts will be celebrated at the Toshali Mela 2023. It is the ideal venue for showcasing laboriously manufactured goods by hand.

Toshali Mela 2023 performances
Toshali Mela 2023 performances

More than 250 booths offer craftsmen from various regions of the nation a chance at a decent platform that helps them maintain their abilities. The fair’s highlights are listed below.

  1. Stalls selling handicrafts and textiles from various States
    The event is a preservation effort for the traditional knowledge and skills of rural India. Toshika Handlooms, Patta from Berhampur, Khandua from Cuttack, and Nuapatna are a few well-known Odia handicraft companies.
  2. Cultural events
    Several artists with skill in a variety of genres, including classical, modern, and many more, adorn the stage. On stage, numerous dance teams and troupes display their talents.
  3. Food Vendors
    There are numerous food stands offering various Indian cuisines. But it’s the food from Odisha that really makes you drool. There is a food court with 30 booths that are made up of upscale hotels and restaurants that serve visitors a delectable multi-cuisine menu.

FAQs on Toshali Mela 2023

  1. Where is Toshali Mela held?

    Toshali Mela 2023 will be held in Janta Maindan Bhubaneswar.

  2. What are the dates for Toshali Mela 2023?

    Toshali Mela 2023 will start on 1st February 2023 and will end on 12th February 2023.

  3. What are the timings for Toshali Mela 2023?

    The Toshali Mela will start at 2.30 pm and go on till 9.30 pm.

  4. What can visitors expect at Toshali Mela?

    Visitors to Toshali Mela can expect a variety of cultural performances and exhibits, including classical and folk dances, music performances, puppet shows, and traditional handicrafts. There will also be food stalls offering traditional cuisine from the region.

  5. Is there a fee for admission to Toshali Mela?

    The admission into Toshali Mela is free of cost.

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