Angul District – Map, Population, Block List, Famous places to Visit

Angul district has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its natural beauty, including dense forests and raw materials. It was once ruled by various dynasties, including the Bhanjas of Angulaka, the Sulkis of Kodalaka Mandala, and the Nandodbhavas of Airavatta Mandala.

Angul District has retained its cultural identity throughout its history and has become an important district in Odisha after its independence. It is known for its cosmopolitan approach and various temples and is expected to be a major district in the 21st century due to its resources.

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Angul District Demographics At a Glance

Here is Angul District At a Glance:

Geographical Area6375.00 sq.km
No. of Sub-Divisions : 4
 No. of Municipalities/Corporation :2
 No. of Blocks :8
No. of Gram Panchayats :225
No. of Uninhabited Villages :269
No. of  Tahasils8
No. of N.A.Cs :1
No. of Police Stations :23
No. of Inhabited Villages :1661
No. of villages :1930
Angul District At a Glance

Angul District Map

Here is the map of Angul District:

Angul District Map

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Angul District Important Telephone Numbers

Here are the details of Angul District Important Telephone Numbers:

Sl. No.OfficePhone Number
1 Collector & District Magistrate, Angul 06764-230567 (O), 230234(R)
2Additional District Magistrate, Angul 06764-230491
3 Superintendent of Police, Angul 06764-230316
4 Project Director, District Rural Development Agency(DRDA), Angul 06764-230144
5 Sub Collector, Angul 06764-230302
6Sub Collector, Athamallik06763-254222
7Sub Collector, Pallahara06765-279221
8Sub Collector, Talcher06760-240720
9Tahasildar, Angul06764-230353
10Tahasildar Athamallik06763-254233
11Tahasildar, Banarpal06764-229323
12Tahasildar, Chhendipada06761-252322
13Tahasildar Kaniha06760-244715
14Tahasildar, Kishorengar06763-257340
15Tahasildar, Pallahara06765-279238
16Tahasildar, Talcher06760-240239
17Block Development Officer, Angul06764-230579
18Block Development Officer, Athamallik06763-254217
19Block Development Officer, Banarpal06764-229222
20Block Development Officer, Chhendipada06761-252323
21Block Development Officer, Kaniha06765-243522
22Block Development Officer, Kishornagar06763-257016
23Block Development Officer, Pallahara06765-279233
24Block Development Officer, Talcher06760-240209
25E.O., Municipality, Angul06764-230582
26E.O., Municipality, Talcher06760-240259
27E.O., NAC, Athamallik06763-254207
28Secy. TAMDA, Angul06764-230569
29Dist. Agriculture Officer, Angul06764-230351
30Dist. Agriculture Officer, Talcher06760-240273
31Deputy Director, Agriculture, Angul06764-233236
 32Chief District Medical Officer, Angul 06764-232507
33Chief District Veterinary Officer,Angul06764-230002
34District Information and Public Relation Officer (DIPRO)06764-230462
35Superitendent of Excise, Angul06764-231341
36District Emergency Officer, Angul06764-230980
37District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO), Angul06764-231820
38District Panchayat Officer (DPO), Angul06764-231346
39District Statistical Officer, Angul06764-231348
40District Labour officer, Angul06764-236337
41District Treasury Officer, Angul06764-230432
42Dist. Sub Registrar Office, Angul06764-232001
43Civil Supplies Officer (CSO) , Angul06764-230282
44Commercial Tax Officer (CTO), Angul06764-230344
45District Small Savings Officer, (DSSO), Angul06764-230824
46Regulated Market Committee (RMC), Angul06764-236363
47District Employment Officer, Angul06764-230216
Angul District Important Telephone Numbers

Data Source – Angul district website

Angul District Places of Interest

Angul District is famous for the following places of interest:

1. Maa Budhi Thakurani

The Budhi Thakurani temple is located on the Sunasagad hill in the middle of Angul town in the state of Odisha. The idol of the goddess is made of black granite and appears as a pillar, representing the Budha Budhi worship system of tribal culture.

This type of worship is also found in the villages of Ogi, Para, and Bagedia, where Budha Thakur is worshipped, and in Purnakot and Jerang, where Budhi Thakurani is worshipped. Similar customs can also be seen in other parts of Odisha, such as in Kaligali of Cuttack City, where a pillar-like goddess is worshipped as Kali and known as Budhi Thakurani.

It is not clear when Budhi Thakurani began to be worshipped in Angul District. However, according to legend, the area was once ruled by a Kandha leader named Sunas, who used the hill as a fort and hence the hill was named Sunasagada. The Kandha ruler placed the Budhi Thakurani idol on the hill and worshipped it as his primary deity.

The area became densely forested over time. In 1848, the Angul district came under the control of the British Empire, and in 1896, the British moved their headquarters from Purnagada to Nuagada and planned the Angul town. They constructed roads for the convenience of the people, and as a result, the forest was cleared. It was at this time that the hill and the goddess idol were discovered.

The idol has been worshipped as the primary deity of the area and referred to as Budhi Thakurani since then. In 1956, a saint visited the Sakti Pitha and became curious about what was inside the idol. He attempted to dig behind the idol but did not find anything and left.

The holes were later filled and a lion statue was placed there. Budhi Thakurani is now a well-known and widely visited deity in the town and district, with thousands of people coming to pay their respects daily. It is deeply revered as the primary deity or “Grama Devi” by the people of the Angul district.

2. Jagannath Temple, Angul (Saila Srikhetra)

The Jagannath Temple in Angul, also known as “Saila Srikhetra,” is located on the top of Sunasagad hill. Its foundation was laid on February 21, 1996, with the goal of building a temple modelled after the world-famous Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri.

The construction of the temple was completed with the help of the local community and the administration, and it was opened to the public after a consecration ceremony on February 22, 2002. This event was a significant moment for the people of Angul District. The temple, which is now referred to as Sailashreekhetra, attracts visitors not only from Angul District but also from across the state of Odisha and other parts of India.

3. Angul Laxmi Puja

The Laxmi Puja festival in the Angul district has a history of over 50 years. It was first celebrated in 1960 at Laxmi Bazar and then in 1969 at the bus stand. Today, the festival is celebrated at more than 40 temporary Puja pandals throughout Angul District and surrounding areas.

The celebration, which lasts for 11 days starting from Kumara Purnima, features colourful decorations, temporary markets, music, and dance performances. It has become a traditional and grand yearly celebration that is attended by people of all religions, castes, and tribes.

On the final day, a large combined procession and cracker competition is held at the open field near the stadium. The Laxmi Puja attracts thousands of people from the Angul district and the entire state of Odisha during this festive time.

4. NALCO, Angul

National Aluminium Company Ltd. (Nalco) is a significant milestone in the history of India’s aluminium industry. It has not only met the country’s need for self-sufficiency in aluminium production, but it has also given India a technological advantage in producing the metal to the highest global standards. Nalco was established in the public sector in 1981 to extract bauxite from large deposits on the east coast of India. Its Captive Power Plant and smelter are located near Angul District.

5. Satkosia Gorge, Tikarpada

Tikarpada is a small village located in the midst of nature, nestled by the side of the Satakosia Gorge. The Mahanadi river flows through the village, surrounded by beautiful hills that form the largest gorge in India, 22 km long and considered one of the most enchanting sports sites in the world. Satakosia is a famous tourist spot in Angul District.

The village is a popular destination for boating, angling, and adventure, with a diverse array of fauna in the surrounding forests and hills. The Gharial crocodile sanctuary established in the area has added to its significance as a sports destination. Tikrapada is 58 km away from Angul and can be reached by bus or train. It is connected to Angul by good road facilities.

6. Talcher

Talcher, located on the right bank of the Brahmani River, is one of the fastest-growing industrial and mining complexes in India. The coal-based thermal power plant in Talcher, the heavy water plant of the Atomic Energy Commission in Vikrampur, and seven underground mines and three open-cast mines located in and around Talcher have greatly increased the importance of the region.

Another attraction in the area is Rani Park, which covers an area of 64 sq km. A rock-cut Bishnu image in a sleeping position can be found on the left bank of the Brahmani river in Saranga village, which is 4 km from Talcher and 20 km from Angul. The National Highway 23 passes through Talcher.

7. Hingula Pitha, Talcher

The holy site of the Goddess Hingula is located on the banks of the Simhada river in the western part of the former Talcher Estate (now in the district of Angul). There is also a place of pilgrimage named Jwalamukhi in Assam, where a similar goddess, known as Hingula, Hingulei, or Hingulaksi, is worshipped.

The presiding deity of Talcher in the village of Gopal Prasad, who is depicted in the form of fire, is named Goddess Hingula. There are also holy sites of Hingula in Karachi and Kabul outside of India. Both Hindus and Muslims worship at this holy site, similar to the Kaipadar site in Khurda. The site is approximately 30 km from Angul.

8. Bhimkanda

A rock art sleeping image of Lord Bishnu can be found at Bhimkand village on the right bank of the Brahmani river. It is now located within the complex of the largest coal-based superthermal power plant at NTPC. The image, which is depicted sleeping on its right side and measures 42 ft long and 8 ft wide, is the second-largest image of its kind in India and is located about 5 km from National Highway 23.

The Bhimkhanda tourist site is 20 km from Angul and can be reached by bus or train. Regular bus services are available from Angul and major towns in Odisha to this site.

9. Binikei, Athamallik

The Binikei Pitha, a tourist attraction in the Athamallik subdivision, is located on the banks of the Mahanadi River and is 25 km from Athamallik. It is also the gateway to the famous Satkosia gorge on the Mahanadi. The Panchadhara Hills tower over the temple, adding to its beauty.

The Binikei Jatra festival is held annually on the 10th day after Dolapurnima in the lunar month of Chaitra, and a large fair is held for three days with much pomp and ceremony. Bhimkhand tourist site is 85 km from Angul and can be reached by bus or train. Regular bus service is available from Angul to Athamallik, and from there, Binikei is 25 km away and can be reached by bus, taxi, or autorickshaw.

10. Derjang, Angul

The Derjang irrigation project, the first medium irrigation project in India after independence, was started in 1960 and completed in 1977-78. It consists of a reservoir scheme constructed across the Ningara and Matalia rivers near the village of Majhikia in the Angul block.

The project provides irrigation water to a total area of 7922 hectares in the kharif season and 200 hectares in the rabi season. Derjang is a popular picnic spot located 7 km from the town of Angul and is a good location for group picnics and relaxation. It is easily accessible from Angul by bus or train, with regular bus service available from Angul to Derjang.

11. Deulajhari, Athamallik

Deuajhari is an ancient citadel of Saivism located 6 km from Athamallik and 90 km from Angul. The temple is surrounded by dense forests of indigenous jasmine trees, which are locally known as Kaibana, and is unique in that it is surrounded by hot springs.

According to ancient records, there were 84 springs, but many have been overshadowed by the jasmine forest and now only 24 remain. Among these, the Agnikunda, Taptakunda, Himakunda, Annantakunda, and Labakusa Kunda springs are the most prominent.

The water temperature in these springs ranges from 40 to 62 degrees Celsius. The temple complex covers an area of 24 acres and is home to the presiding deity Sidheswara Baba. Deuajhari can be reached from Angul by bus or train, with the nearest train station being Boinda.

12. Khuludi, Pallahara

The Malyagiri mountain range in the Pallahara sub-division is home to a stunning waterfall near the village of Khuludi. The waterfall, which cascades down from the top of the hill and pays tribute to Lord Shiva, is located 120 km from Angul and 20 km from Pallahara.

It is a popular destination for group picnics and relaxation, offering breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise. The surrounding area is also home to a variety of natural beauty. Khuludi can be reached from Angul by bus or train, with regular bus service available from Angul to Khuludi.

13. Kosala

Kosala is a village located 28 km from Angul on the Angul-Bagedia road, known for its shrine dedicated to the goddess Ramchandi. It is believed that this deity has the power to grant children to women who are unable to conceive.

The old temple has been replaced by a newer, more magnificent one, and the village holds an annual festival known as the Ramchandi Yatra or Kaduali Yatra in July or August to honour the goddess. This festival is celebrated with great ceremony and attracts thousands of visitors. Kosala can be reached from Angul by bus or train, with regular bus service available from Angul to the village.

14. Rengali

The Rengali dam was built across the Brahmani river and features a 120 MW hydroelectric power project. Located on the N.H. 250, the site is approximately 85 km from Angul and is known for its scenic surroundings, making it a popular spot for group picnics. Rengali can be reached from Angul by bus or train, with regular bus service available between the two locations.

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Angul District PIN Codes

Angul District PIN Codes:

Sl.No.AreaPIN Code
1Aida B.O759125
2Akhuapal B.O759146
3Amabapal B.O759126
4Ambasarmunda B.O759125
5 Angapada B.O 759126
6Angul Bazar S.O 759122
7Angul H.O759122
8Ankula B.O759132
9Arahat B.O759128
10Arkil B.O759100
11Athamallik S.O759125
12Badagundari B.O759117
13Badajarada B.O759103
14Badakantakul B.O759129
15Badakera B.O759132
16Badakhali B.O759128
17Badasada B.O759118
18Badatribida B.O759117
19Badkerjang B.O759143
20Bagedia S.O759141
21Bajrakote B.O759105
22Balanda S.O759116
23Balanga B.O759132
24Balaramprasad B.O759128
25Balasinga B.O759129
26Balipasi B.O759105
27Balipatta B.O759124
28Baluakata B.O759129
29Bamur B.O759126
30Banarpal S.O759128
31Bandhabhuin B.O759119
32 Bantala S.O759129
33Baragounia B.O759129
34Barasahi B.O759141
35Barkotia B.O759118
36Basala B.O759129
37Basantapur B.O759141
38Bedasasan B.O759129
39Bhejigotha B.O759125
40Bijigol B.O759117
41Bileinali B.O759125
42Bimalabeda B.O759127
43Biru B.O759100
44Bonda B.O759128
45Brahmanbil B.O759130
46Budhapanka B.O759128
47Burukuna B.O759100
48Chainpal Colony S.O759104
49Champatimunda B.O759132
50Changudia B.O759130
51Chasagurjang B.O759119
52Chhendipada S.O759124
53Chitrakut S.O759100
54Dandasinga B.O759127
55Danra B.O759103
56Deepasikha S.O759147
57Dera S.O759103
58Derang B.O759117
59Deulbera Colliery S.O759102
60Dharampur B.O759100
61Dhokuta B.O759129
62Dimiria B.O759119
63Durgapur B.O759100
64Durgapur B.O759127
65Ekagharia B.O759100
66Gaham B.O759100
67Gandamala B.O759105
68Garh Santiri B.O759128
69Garh Taras B.O759129
70Ghantapada B.O759103
71Ghosar B.O759126
72Gobara B.O759103
73Golabandha B.O759143
74Gopalprasad B.O759103
75Gotamara B.O759128
76Gurujang B.O759100
77Hakimpada S.O759143
78Hamamira B.O759129
79Handapa B.O759127
80Handidhua B.O759100
81Hensamul B.O759103
82Himitira B.O759126
83Hulurisinga S.O759132
84Injidi B.O759118
85Inkarabandha B.O759129
86Jagannathpur B.O759104
87Jagannathpur B.O759132
88Jamardihi B.O759119
89Jamudoli B.O759125
90Jarada B.O759117
91Jarada B.O759127
92Jarapada B.O759127
93Jarasingha B.O759143
94Jeranga Dehuri Sahi B.O759127
95Jharabeda B.O759119
96Kadalimunda B.O759126
97Kakudia B.O759117
98Kalamchhuin B.O759103
99Kalandapal B.O759128
100Kalyanpur B.O759126
101Kampala B.O759125
102Kampsala B.O759130
103Kanaloi B.O759141
104Kandasar B.O759145
105Kandhalo B.O759100
106Kandhapada B.O759125
107Kangula B.O759132
108Kaniha S.O759117
109Kankili B.O759100
110Kansamunda B.O759117
111Kantapada B.O759125
112Kanteikolia B.O759127
113Kantiapasi B.O759100
114Karadagadia B.O759132
115Karadapal B.O759119
116Karnapur B.O759103
117Katada B.O759127
118Khalari B.O759132
119Khalibereni B.O759128
120Khamar S.O759118
121Khandahatta B.O759132
122Khemla B.O759119
123Khinda B.O759129
124Kiakata B.O759126
125Kishoreganj S.O759127
126Korada B.O759127
127Kosala S.O759130
128Kothabhuin B.O759127
129Krutibaspur B.O759125
130Kudugaon B.O759125
131Luhamunda B.O759127
132Luhasinga B.O759125
133Lunahandi B.O759125
134Machhakuta B.O759124
135Madhapur B.O759125
136Maimura B.O759125
137Manapur B.O759129
138Munduribeda B.O759118
139Nagaon B.O759125
140Nagira B.O759119
141Nakchi B.O759126
142Nalam B.O759117
143Nalconagar S.O759145
144Nandapur B.O759132
145Natada B.O759123
146Nehru Satabdi Nagar(Bharatpur) S.O759148
147Nisha B.O759130
148Nuagaon B.O759141
149Nuahata B.O759128
150Nuakheta B.O759129
151Nuapada B.O759124
152Odasha B.O759118
153Oskapalli B.O759126
154P.T.C.,Angul S.O759123
155Padmabatipur B.O759103
156Paiksahi B.O759125
157Pallahara S.O759119
158Papsara B.O759127
159Para B.O759127
160Parabil B.O759100
161Parang B.O759143
162Paratara B.O759132
163Patakumunda B.O759141
164Patrapada B.O759141
165Pedipathar B.O759127
166Phapanda B.O759119
167Pipalabahal B.O759141
168Podagarh B.O759105
169Podapada B.O759124
170Poipal B.O759117
171Pokatunga B.O759129
172Puruna Manitiri B.O759125
173Purunagarh B.O759132
174Purunakote B.O759132
175Radharamanpur B.O759100
176Raijharan B.O759130
177Rainali B.O759125
178Rajdang B.O759118
179Rajkishorenagar S.O759126
180Raniakata B.O759126
181Rantalei B.O759132
182Rengali B.O759105
183Rengali Dam Site S.O759105
184Sahara Gurjang B.O759119
185Saida B.O759119
186Sakasingha B.O759123
187Samal B.O759100
188Samal Barrage Township S.O759037
189Sanahulla B.O759125
190Sanatribida B.O759117
191Sanjamura B.O759126
192Sanjapada B.O759128
193Sankapur B.O759129
194Sankhamur B.O759118
195Santarabandha B.O759130
196Santhapada B.O759104
197Sapoinali B.O759141
198Saradhapur B.O759132
199Saradhapur B.O759100
200Seegarh B.O759119
201Seepur B.O759100
202Siarimalia B.O759119
203Solada B.O759103
204Tainsi B.O759127
205Talagarh B.O759129
206Talcher High School B.O759100
207Talcher R.S. B.O759100
208Talcher S.O759100
209Talcher Thermal S.O759101
210Talcher Town S.O759107
211Tangiri B.O759141
212Tapdhol B.O759127
213Tentulei B.O759103
214Tentuloi B.O759124
215Thakurgarh B.O759125
216Tikarapada B.O759132
217Tubey B.O759132
218Tukuda B.O759127
219Tulasipal B.O759128
220Turang B.O759123
221Tusar B.O759126
222Ugi B.O759127
223Urukela B.O759126
224Vikrampur S.O759106
Angul District PIN Codes

FAQs on Angul District

  1. What is the history of Angul district?

    Angul has a rich history and has been ruled by various dynasties over the years. Prehistoric and protohistoric relics have been found in several villages in the district. Despite changes in political leadership, Angul has maintained its cultural identity.

  2. What are the major attractions in the Angul district?

    There are many attractions to visit in the Angul district, including temples, natural beauty spots, and cultural landmarks. Some popular attractions include the Budhi Thakurani Temple, the Jagannath Temple at Angul, and the Laxmi Puja festival

  3. What is the economy of the Angul district like?

    Angul is home to the National Aluminium Company Ltd. (Nalco), a major player in the Indian aluminium industry. The district is also home to coal-based thermal power plants, heavy water plants, and a variety of mines.

  4. How can I get to the Angul district?

    Angul can be reached by bus or train from major cities in Odisha. It is also located near several national highways, making it easily accessible by road.

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