Baleswar District (Famous Places, Block List, Population, History, Festivals, PIN Codes)

Welcome to my comprehensive article on Baleswar District in Odisha, India. Baleswar is a district that boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and vibrant festivals. Whether you are a resident of Odisha or a tourist visiting the state, the Baleswar district is a must-visit destination.

Baleswar District
Baleswar District

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating history of Baleswar, explore its diverse landscapes, and highlight some of the most famous places to visit in the district. You will also find population data and PIN code information for Baleswar, along with a detailed list of the most celebrated festivals in the district.

If you are planning a trip to the Baleswar district or are simply interested in learning more about this enchanting region, this article is the perfect resource. From the shimmering beaches to the majestic temples, Baleswar has something to offer everyone.

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Baleswar District At a Glance

Geographical Area:3,
Area under
No.of Sub-Divisions:02
No.of Tehsils:12
No.of Municipalities:03
No.of N.A.Cs:01
No.of Blocks:12
No. of Police Station:23
No. of Grampanchayat:360
No.of Villages:3049
Total Population (2011 Census)2,317419
Population Density609 (Per
Baleswar District At a Glance

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Baleswar District Map

Baleswar District Map
Baleswar District Map

Baleswar District Subdivision list

Baleswar District Subdivision list

Baleswar District Block list

Baleswar District Block list

Source: Baleswar district portal

Baleswar District History, Culture and Heritage

Baleswar District is renowned for its rich history, art, and culture. It boasts numerous breathtaking temples and landmarks. The district’s diverse population, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and more, reflects the cultural heritage of Balasore.

The discovery of copper coins in Bhograi and the presence of Buddha statues in Avana, Kupari, Basta, and Ayodhya point to the existence of Buddhism in the area. The statue of Lord Jaina at Jaleswar and Avana is evidence of Jainism’s historical presence in the Baleswar district.

The Saibapithas and Lord Shiva temples are among the most famous attractions in Baleswar District. Visitors can find Lord Shiva temples in various places throughout the district, including Chandaneshwar, Baneshwar, Jhadeshwar, Panchalingeshwar, Bhusandeshwar, and Maninageshwar. These temples are highly popular and attract many visitors.

The Remuna Khirachora Temple in Baleswar District is well-known, but that’s not all. The district is also famous for its Saktipitha, including Bhudhar Chandi of Sajanagarh, Danda Kali of Khantapara, and Chandi Mandir at Kharjureshwar.

Visitors can also enjoy the Sun temples of Ayodhya, Seragarh, Nilagiri, and Bardhanpur, which remind one of the images of the “Sun Devotee.” The people of the district have been following the Vaishnab Dharma since the time of the Gupta dynasty.

There are many Vishnu temples in different places in the Baleswar district, and the Khirochora temple, built during the period of the second Narasingha Dev, highlights the religious and cultural inclinations of the Baleswar district’s people

Festivals celebrated in Balesware District

The people of Baleswar District celebrate a wide variety of festivals with great enthusiasm and joy. Makara Sankranti, Raja Sankranti, Ganga Mela, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Saraswati Puja, Laxmi Puja, Bishwakarma Puja, Chandan festival, Car festival, Maha Shivaratri, Dola Purnima, Id, Moharrum, and Christmas Day are all celebrated with much fanfare. During Durga Puja, Hindus play the enjoyable game of “Akhada”, while during Moharrum, Muslims participate in the same game.

The people of Baleswar District also played a dominant role in the language revolution that led to the creation of the separate Odisha province. Vysa Kabi Fakir Mohan Senapati’s important newspapers, “Bodhadayeenee” and “Balasore Sambad Bahika,” were instrumental in sowing the seeds of the Oriya language revolution and the development of Oriya literature.

Baleswar District Places of Interest

Baleswar District is famous for the following places of interest:

Talasari – Udaypur Beach

Talasari–Udaypur Beach is a hidden gem located in the beautiful Baleswar district of Odisha, India. This pristine beach is situated on the border of Odisha and West Bengal and is known for its crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and serene atmosphere.

The beach is surrounded by lush green forests and scenic hills, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The tranquil environment and calm waters make it an ideal place to relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Talasari Beach is the main attraction of this beach, with its long stretch of soft sand and the gently lapping waves of the Bay of Bengal. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the beach, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze and the breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset.

The nearby Udaypur Beach is equally stunning, with its serene and secluded atmosphere. The beach is perfect for those who love to explore and discover hidden coves and bays along the coastline.

Emami Jagannath Temple Baleswar

The Emami Jagannath Temple is located 7 kilometres from the Baleswar district headquarters. This recently constructed temple is an impressive architectural feat that draws a considerable number of visitors.

Built in 2015 using red stone, the temple features several side deities within its campus, and all rituals are performed in accordance with the Jagannath Temple Puri traditions. The intricate stone carvings and monumental artefacts are particularly striking and attract the attention of all who visit the site.

Khirachora temple

The Khirachora Temple, also known as the Remuna Gupta Vrindaban, is a famous Vaishnab shrine surrounded by other notable temples. Located in the small town of Remuna, it is situated 9 km to the east of Balasore and approximately midway between Howrah and Bhubaneswar in Odisha. The town’s name, Remuna, is derived from the word Ramaniya, meaning beautiful.

The Balasore train junction is the nearest to Remuna, and it is the first major town in Odisha when coming from Calcutta. Visitors can take a night train from Calcutta, which stops at Balasore in the early morning hours.

From there, taxis or buses are available to reach Remuna. If visitors arrive in the morning, they can see the Deities at the Khirachora Temple and then catch a night train to Puri.

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur beach is a distinctive coastal destination in India. It is renowned for its rhythmic tidal waves, which recede offshore and return at regular intervals twice a day. During low tide, the expansive beach stretches out without water, inviting visitors to explore up to 5 km into the sea on foot.

Panchalingeswar Temple

Panchalingeswar Temple is a popular religious site located in the beautiful Baleswar district of Odisha, India. Surrounded by lush forests and picturesque hills, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is believed to house five self-manifested Shiva Lingas.

Visitors must climb a series of steep steps to reach the temple, but the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area make the journey worthwhile. The temple is a serene and peaceful place that attracts both devotees and tourists seeking to experience its spiritual atmosphere and natural beauty.

In addition to its religious significance, Panchalingeswar Temple is also known for its adventure activities such as trekking and rock climbing. The trek to the temple is a challenging but rewarding experience that offers visitors the chance to explore the nearby forests and hills.

The local community is friendly and hospitable, and visitors can enjoy delicious local cuisine and traditional Odia hospitality. There are several guesthouses and accommodations in the surrounding area that provide a comfortable stay to tourists.

Chandaneswar Temple

Chandaneswar is a revered religious and cultural destination in North Odisha, renowned for its Lord Shiva temple. The Chadak Mela festival held during the month of April is a significant event at this sacred site. Pilgrims and devotees from various parts of India, including Odisha, West Bengal, and Bihar, flock to the temple during Chadak Mela and Shivaratri to offer their prayers to Lord Chandaneswar.

Baleswar District PIN Codes

AreaPIN Code
Achutipur B.O756047
Ada S.O756134
Adangapantei B.O756038
Aghirapada B.O756049
Alalbindha B.O756036
Alalbindha B.O756036
Alalpur B.O756032
Alasuan B.O756043
Alumeda B.O756027
Amarda Road S.O756030
Ambadiha B.O756034
Ambapunja B.O756027
Ambliatha B.O756032
Anandapur B.O756126
Anantapur S.O756046
Angula B.O756045
Anko B.O756028
Antara B.O756134
Arabandha B.O756058
Arakhpur B.O756182
Arjunpur B.O756048
Armala B.O756019
Aruhabad B.O756044
Aruhabruti B.O756079
Ashabandha B.O756033
Asti B.O756026
Asuria B.O756047
Attapur B.O756045
Ausha B.O756037
Avana S.O756051
Azimabad S.O756001
Badakuruda B.O756024
Badapal B.O756019
Badapokhari B.O756047
Badas B.O756083
Badasimulia B.O756026
Badasindhia B.O756003
Badhan B.O756080
Badhapal B.O756026
Bagada B.O756083
Baghua B.O756182
Bahabalpur B.O756027
Bahala B.O756060
Bahanaga S.O756042
Baharda B.O756035
Baharda Bazar B.O756029
Baharda Bazar B.O756029
Baiganabadia B.O756079
Bainanda Mangarajpur B.O756045
Baitpur B.O756036
Bajitpur B.O756085
Balanga B.O756046
Balaramgadi B.O756025
Balarampur B.O756024
Balasore Court S.O756001
Balasore H.O756001
Balasore RS S.O756001
Balia Farm B.O756056
Baliapal Katisahi B.O756023
Baliapal Narayanpur B.O756083
Baliapal S.O756026
Baliapal S.O756026
Baliapati B.O756081
Balikhanda S.O756166
Balim B.O756035
Bamada B.O756028
Bana Bishnupur B.O756047
Bankeswar B.O756021
Barabati S.O756003
Barada B.O756022
Barada B.O756134
Baradiha B.O756033
Barahapur B.O756046
Barbatia B.O756079
Barbatia Bazar B.O756039
Bardhanpur B.O756021
Bari B.O756126
Bariha B.O756126
Bartana B.O756038
Bartana B.O756115
Bartana B.O756032
Barun Singh B.O756060
Barunagadia B.O756029
Basta S.O756029
Batagramghat B.O756036
Bati B.O756126
Baunsadiha B.O756035
Begunia B.O756020
Beladandia B.O756023
Belda B.O756035
Belli B.O756023
Betagadia B.O756083
Bhandarikuli B.O756033
Bhimpur B.O756021
Bhograi S.O756038
Bhounriabad B.O756020
Bichitrapur B.O756037
Bichitrapur B.O756037
Bidubazar B.O756042
Bidyadharpur B.O756029
Bishnupur B.O756051
Bishnupur B.O756026
Boita B.O756043
Bolang B.O756024
Buanl B.O756027
Budhakusumi B.O756034
Chakabarahapur S.O756055
Chakaisab B.O756035
Chakajagannathpur S.O756053
Chakrada B.O756022
Chaksartha B.O756027
Chalanti B.O756032
Chamara Gaon B.O756032
Chandakusumi B.O756035
Chandamani B.O756083
Chandaneswar S.O756085
Chandarpada B.O756134
Chandipur S.O756025
Chasakhand B.O756003
Chasipada B.O756030
Chaumukh B.O756083
Chhamouza B.O756032
Chhanapur B.O756056
Chhanua B.O756027
Chhatrapur B.O756058
Chinchlagadia B.O756030
Chormara B.O756032
Chudamanipur B.O756033
Dagarpada B.O756047
Dagra B.O756083
Dahamunda S.O756079
Dahapada B.O756003
Dahisada B.O756045
Dahunda B.O756035
Dakhinanadbani B.O756035
Dalanga B.O756047
Dalua B.O756026
Damodarpur B.O756182
Dandika B.O756029
Dangapita B.O756083
Darada S.O756022
Darkholi B.O756049
Debhog B.O756023
Dehurda S.O756036
Demuria B.O756034
Deulahat B.O756036
Deulahat B.O756036
Dhansimulia S.O756084
Dharaganj B.O756020
Dhitpura B.O756030
Dhobachakurai B.O756029
Dhobasila B.O756040
Dhobasila B.O756040
Digdha B.O756027
Dublagadi B.O756027
Dubsahi B.O756035
Dundukut B.O756081
Dungura S.O756182
Durgadevi B.O756020
Durpal B.O756035
Dwarika B.O756044
Fakirmohan College S.O756001
Fatehpur B.O756048
Fulbani S.O756037
Fulwar-kaswa B.O756003
Gadasahi Baliapal B.O756023
Gandasthapur B.O756042
Gandibed B.O756047
Garadihi B.O756041
Garasang B.O756134
Genguti B.O756056
Ghantiary B.O756026
Ghantua B.O756023
Ghasua B.O756055
Ghodapada B.O756003
Gilajodi B.O756081
Gobindpur B.O756019
Gop B.O756032
Gopalpur B.O756041
Gopalpur S.O756044
Gopinathpur B.O756030
Gopinathpur B.O756036
Govindapur B.O756126
Guapal B.O756059
Gud B.O756046
Gudikhal B.O756030
Gududapatna B.O756019
Gudupai B.O756025
Guneibasan B.O756036
Haladiapada B.O756029
Haldipada S.O756027
Haridaspur B.O756036
Haripur B.O756003
Haripur B.O756115
Hatiadiha B.O756028
Hatigarh S.O756033
Hatikhulia B.O756045
Hatsahi B.O756040
Hidigaon B.O756025
Ikida B.O756034
Inchudi B.O756021
Irda S.O756080
Issannagar S.O756001
Iswarpur B.O756042
Iswarpur B.O756038
Jadibali B.O756041
Jagai B.O756083
Jagannathpur B.O756044
Jagannathpur Bachhada B.O756046
Jageswarpada B.O756044
Jalanga Gandibed B.O756134
Jalanga Gandibed B.O756134
Jaleswar H.O756032
Jaleswar RS S.O756032
Jaleswarpur B.O756036
Jaleswarpur B.O756036
Jamalpur B.O756029
Jamalpur B.O756032
Jamatkula B.O756083
Jambhirai B.O756024
Jamjhadi B.O756126
Jamkunda B.O756026
Jamsuli S.O756081
Jamudiha B.O756041
Jamuna B.O756058
Janhia B.O756045
Januganj B.O756019
Jathia B.O756023
Jayarampur B.O756038
Jaydev Kasba B.O756021
Jharapimpal B.O756026
Jhinkiria B.O756027
Jirtal B.O756043
Kabataghati B.O756033
Kachuadi B.O756035
Kahalia B.O756040
Kainagari B.O756080
Kaithagadia B.O756059
Kakhra S.O756039
Kalakad B.O756041
Kalama B.O756033
Kalaspur B.O756166
Kalyani B.O756044
Kamarda S.O756035
Kamarsalia B.O756034
Kanchpada B.O756166
Kandagaridi B.O756042
Kankei B.O756033
Kanrali B.O756019
Kans B.O756020
Karanja B.O756083
Karanjabindha B.O756044
Karihanda B.O756035
Kashafal B.O756024
Kashimpur B.O756019
Kasida B.O756034
Kedarpur B.O756045
Kesharipur B.O756045
Keshpura B.O756032
Khadikapada B.O756029
Khaira S.O756048
Khairagobindapur B.O756049
Khairda B.O756035
Khalabadia B.O756038
Khalamuhani B.O756023
Khalina B.O756034
Khan Nagar B.O756060
Khanabad B.O756033
Khantapada S.O756043
Kharadiha B.O756041
Kharsahapur B.O756046
Khirachora Gopinath S.O756018
Khuard B.O756033
Khuluda B.O756034
Kishorchandrapur B.O756058
Kochiakoili B.O756042
Kothapada B.O756022
Kothia B.O756022
Kotisahi B.O756035
Kuanrpur B.O756021
Kudei Nadigaon B.O756045
Kuldiha B.O756030
Kuligaon B.O756043
Kumarjalina B.O756036
Kumarmuli B.O756036
Kumarpur B.O756046
Kumbhari B.O756023
Kupari S.O756059
Kuruda S.O756056
Kuruda-soro B.O756046
Kurunta B.O756047
Kushadiha (A) B.O756029
Kushadiha (B)church B.O756029
Kusuda B.O756035
Kusuda B.O756035
Lachman Khunta B.O756028
Lakhananath B.O756032
Lakhananath Road B.O756032
Machhada B.O756080
Machhadiha B.O756029
Machharanka Simulia B.O756023
Machhua B.O756020
Madhupura B.O756035
Mahagab B.O756035
Maharudrapur B.O756044
Mahatipur B.O756048
Mahispata B.O756020
Mahu Muhana B.O756045
Mahuduma B.O756033
Makalpur S.O756003
Makhanpur B.O756047
Malaruan B.O756038
Malipal B.O756032
Mandhatabazar B.O756024
Mandrukula B.O756029
Mangalapur B.O756045
Manikula B.O756002
Manipur B.O756047
Mankidia B.O756033
Mankunda B.O756036
Markona B.O756126
Masanbaria B.O756034
Mathani B.O756029
Mathuranath B.O756032
Matiali B.O756041
Mirigini B.O756040
Mirjapur B.O756134
Mitrapur S.O756020
Mituani B.O756048
Mobarakpur S.O756045
Mohammad Nagar B.O756030
Mohammad Nagarpatna B.O756032
Mohammadpur B.O756126
Motiganj S.O756003
Mukulisi B.O756022
Mulisingh B.O756045
Munutunia B.O756033
Nabra B.O756081
Nachhipur B.O756048
Nachinda B.O756035
Nachinta B.O756043
Nadbani B.O756024
Nafrai B.O756037
Nagram B.O756027
Nahanga B.O756059
Naikudi B.O756081
Nalabahar B.O756028
Nampo S.O756034
Nangaleswar S.O756024
Naraharipur B.O756019
Naranmohantypadia B.O756037
Narasingpur B.O756020
Narayanapur B.O756041
Narayanpur B.O756036
Naskarpur B.O756085
Nayabazar Balasore S.O756001
Nayabazar Jaleswar S.O756032
Nayapalli B.O756079
Nepura B.O756023
Netua B.O756084
Nijampur B.O756003
Nikhira B.O756023
Nilgiri College S.O756040
Nilpura B.O756079
Nimatpur B.O756036
Nimpada B.O756080
Nimpal B.O756020
Nishanpur B.O756036
Nuagaon B.O756024
Nuagaon B.O756028
Nuapadhi B.O756020
Odangi B.O756027
Olipur B.O756027
Olmara B.O756033
Oupada S.O756049
Padagaon B.O756043
Padhuan B.O756046
Paiksida B.O756032
Pakhar B.O756046
Panasha B.O756080
Panchupada B.O756027
Panchupalli B.O756024
Panchurukhi B.O756026
Pandasuni B.O756044
Pandurangi B.O756029
Pani Chhatra B.O756059
Panjibag B.O756002
Panpana B.O756043
Parbatipur B.O756166
Parkhi B.O756025
Pasarbindha B.O756036
Paschima Bad B.O756026
Patna B.O756020
Paunsakuli B.O756081
Pithahat B.O756058
Pithapur B.O756038
Podasul B.O756040
Pratapada B.O756043
Pratappur S.O756083
Pundala B.O756020
Puruna Balasore B.O756002
Purusottampur B.O756035
Putina B.O756035
Putura B.O756081
Radhaballavpur B.O756045
Rahaniaganj B.O756044
Raibania B.O756033
Rairamchandrapur B.O756048
Rairamchandrapur B.O756032
Raj Berhampur S.O756058
Raj Nilgiri S.O756040
Rajpur B.O756032
Ramakrishnapur B.O756166
Ranasahi B.O756002
Rasalpur B.O756038
Rasalpur B.O756079
Rasalpur S.O756021
Rasaslpur B.O756020
Ratina B.O756115
Rella B.O756026
Remu B.O756081
Remuna S.O756019
Reserve Police Line S.O756001
Routpada B.O756028
Rudhunga B.O756126
Rupkhand B.O756051
Rupsa S.O756028
Sabira R.S. B.O756045
Sadanandapur B.O756029
Sahada B.O756080
Sahada B.O756002
Sahadevkhunta S.O756001
Sahaspura B.O756046
Sahid Park S.O756003
Sahid Park S.O756003
Sahigaon B.O756126
Sahupada B.O756003
Sajanagarh S.O756041
Sajanpur B.O756045
Salikotha B.O756032
Sampei B.O756047
Sankhapodadiha B.O756046
Sankhari B.O756037
Santhapada B.O756055
Santragadia B.O756042
Sardhapur B.O756037
Sargaon B.O756002
Sargaon B.O756027
Sarkana B.O756048
Sarsankha B.O756045
Sarsatia B.O756043
Sartha B.O756027
Sarugaon B.O756049
Sathilabalbalia B.O756020
Saud B.O756042
Saudi B.O756024
Saundia B.O756047
Sergarh S.O756060
Sergarh S.O756060
Shyamsundarpur B.O756040
Siadimal B.O756040
Sikharpur B.O756032
Simulia B.O756045
Simulia Bazar S.O756126
Simulia S.O756126
Sindhia B.O756003
Singa Khunta B.O756045
Sirapur B.O756055
Soharia B.O756036
Solpata B.O756027
Somnathpur B.O756019
Soro Bazar S.O756045
Soro College S.O756045
Soro S.O756045
Sovarampur S.O756001
Srijang B.O756044
Srikanthapur S.O756001
Srikona B.O756025
Srimantapur B.O756166
Srirampur B.O756029
Srirampur B.O756049
Srirampur Road B.O756023
Sugo B.O756084
Sukhsandhapatna B.O756036
Sultanpur B.O756036
Sundarpur B.O756059
Sunhat S.O756002
Tadada B.O756081
Talakurunia B.O756044
Tarapur B.O756036
Telipal B.O756041
Tenda B.O756041
Tentei B.O756046
Tentulia B.O756058
Thalasada B.O756042
Tikirapal B.O756020
Tukurihazira B.O756037
Turigaria S.O756047
Udambar B.O756019
Udayganjapatna B.O756039
Uitikiri B.O756029
Upla Hat B.O756035
Uppardiha B.O756058
Uttareswar S.O756045
Vellora B.O756030
Wada B.O756045
Baleswar District PIN Codes

FAQs on Baleswar District

  1. What is the population of Baleswar district?

    According to the 2011 Census of India, the population of Baleswar district was 2,317,419.

  2. What are the popular tourist attractions in Baleswar district?

    Baleswar district has several popular tourist attractions, including the Chandipur Beach, Panchalingeswar Temple, Balaramgadi Beach, Talasari Beach, Khirachora Gopinath Temple, and Remuna Gopinath Temple.

  3. What are the major industries in Baleswar district?

    Baleswar district has a diverse economy with a mix of agriculture, industries, and services. Major industries in the district include food processing, textiles, chemicals, and engineering. Agriculture is also an important sector, with paddy, sugarcane, and vegetables being the main crops grown in the district.

  4. What is the climate like in Baleswar district?

    Baleswar district has a tropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. The monsoon season lasts from June to September and brings heavy rainfall to the region.

  5. How can I reach Baleswar district?

    Baleswar district is well-connected by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar, which is about 200 km away. The district is also served by the Baleswar railway station, which is on the main Howrah-Chennai route. Buses and taxis are available for local transportation within the district

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