Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar Location, Timings, and Exhibitions

Ekamra Haat in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is a unique marketplace that showcases the rich cultural heritage and traditional arts and crafts of the region. The market, located in the heart of the city, is a hub for artisans, craftsmen, and artists to display and sell their wares.

Ekamra Haat in Bhubaneswar
Ekamra Haat in Bhubaneswar

Ekamra Haat is an ideal destination for those interested in traditional art, craft, and culture. It is a one-stop destination for all things traditional and cultural in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It is a perfect place to buy souvenirs and also a great place to taste the local cuisine and enjoy traditional performances.

In this article, we will look at the Location, Timings, Exhibitions, Festivals, Handicrafts, Handloom Sarees and Food at Ekamra Haat in Bhubaneswar.

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Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar Opening Times

Timings 9 am to 10 pm
Entry FeeFree
Best time to visitLate afternoon/ evening
ParkingPaid Parking is available at the entrance
Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar Opening Times

Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar Photos

  • Ekamra Haat entry
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  • Inside Ekamra Haat
  • Ekamra Haat park

History of Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar

Ekamra Haat was first established in 2006 by the Government of Odisha as a marketplace for local artisans to sell their handicrafts. The name “Ekamra” refers to the old name of Bhubaneswar, which means “city of temples.” The market was designed to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work.

Explore the Richness of Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar

Ekamra Haat, named after the ancient name of Bhubaneswar, stands as a symbol of the city’s rich cultural heritage and artistic legacy. Spread across 2.5 acres in the IDCO Exhibition Ground, this vibrant market is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Bhubaneswar.

  • A Blend of Traditional and Modern: The Haat is a unique amalgamation of traditional Odisha craftsmanship and modern market amenities, spread over an extensive area.
  • Main Market – A Shopper’s Paradise:
    • Diverse Range of Handicrafts: Over 150 stalls offer an array of traditional Odishan handicrafts, including handloom fabrics, applique work, stone carvings, and intricate metalwork.
    • Cultural Souvenirs: Visitors can find an assortment of traditional jewelry, paintings, and other items that embody Odisha’s rich cultural essence.
  • Food Court – Culinary Delights:
    • Local Cuisine: The food court serves an array of Odisha’s traditional delicacies like Dalma, Chakuli Pitha, and Chhena Poda, offering a taste of the local culinary heritage.
  • Open-Air Theatre – Cultural Performances:
    • Showcasing Artistic Talent: A platform for artists to display their talents through dance, music, puppet shows, and other cultural events.

Ekamra Haat is more than just a marketplace; it’s a cultural hub that celebrates and promotes Odisha’s artistic and cultural traditions. It provides a comprehensive experience of the region’s arts and crafts, making it an essential stop for visitors to Bhubaneswar.

Things to do and Food at Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar

Here are some recommendations for things to do at Ekamra Haat:

  1. Stroll Amongst Artisan Stalls:
    • Enjoy a leisurely walk through the open display stalls, exploring an array of souvenirs and handcrafted items.
    • Discover Odisha’s craftsmanship in stone carving, woodwork, applique, cane & bamboo creations, dhokra, bell metal, terracotta, and palm leaf engraving.
  2. Pattachitra Paintings:
    • Admire and purchase Pattachitra paintings, a quintessential representation of Odisha’s art.
  3. Textile Treasures:
    • Explore art textiles like Bandha sarees from Sambalpur & Nuapatana, showcasing the state’s rich textile traditions.
  4. Relaxation and Music:
    • Unwind on the lush green lawns while enjoying slow, melodious old Odia film music, creating a serene ambiance.

Culinary Experiences at Ekamra Haat:

  1. Savor Authentic Odia Cuisine:
    • Indulge in the delectable combination of Chakuli and Mutton, a must-try dish for an authentic taste of Odisha.
  2. Diverse Food Options:
    • The food court offers a variety of dishes from different states, allowing you to embark on a culinary journey.

Ekamra Haat is not just a marketplace; it’s a cultural hub where visitors can immerse themselves in the traditional arts and flavors of Odisha.

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Handicrafts at Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar

Ekamra Haat is home to a wide range of handicrafts and Odisha handloom sarees, each with its own unique history and cultural significance. Here are some of the most popular handicrafts you’ll find at the Haat:

Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra is a traditional style of painting that originated in the village of Raghurajpur in Odisha. The paintings are done on cloth or palm leaves and depict scenes from Hindu mythology and everyday life. At Haat, you’ll find a wide variety of Pattachitra paintings, ranging from small souvenirs to large wall hangings.

Sambalpuri Textiles

Sambalpuri textiles are a type of handloom weaving that originated in western Odisha. The fabrics are known for their intricate patterns and bright colours, and are often used to make sarees, dupattas, and other traditional garments. At Haat, you can purchase a range of Sambalpuri textiles, from simple cotton fabrics to more elaborate silk sarees.

Silver Filigree

Silver filigree is a delicate form of metalwork that originated in Cuttack, Odisha. It involves twisting and weaving thin silver wires to create intricate designs, often in the form of jewellery or decorative items. At Haat, you can find a range of silver filigree items, from earrings and necklaces to bowls and trays.

Dhokra Art

Dhokra is a traditional form of metal casting that is practised by tribal communities in Odisha. The process involves creating a clay mould and then using a wax model to create the final product. The resulting items are often used for decorative purposes or as functional objects, such as bells or figurines. At Ekamra Haat, you can find a variety of Dhokra art, from small trinkets to larger sculptures.

Cultural Performances and Workshops

In addition to shopping and eating, the place is also a hub for cultural performances and workshops. You can see traditional Odia music and dance performances, as well as participate in workshops on handicrafts and cooking. It’s a great way to learn more about Odia culture and interact with local artists.

What Makes Ekamra Haat Unique

What sets Ekamra Haat apart from other markets in India is its focus on promoting local artisans and preserving traditional handicrafts. The market is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and provides a platform for local artists to showcase their work. Additionally, the market is a great place to sample the local cuisine of Odisha and experience traditional music and dance performances.

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Tips for Visiting Ekamra Haat

Here are some tips to make the most out of your visit to Ekamra Haat:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as the market can be quite crowded and uneven.
  • Bargaining is expected, so don’t be afraid to negotiate the price of handicrafts.
  • Try the local food! It’s one of the best parts of visiting this place.
  • Check the schedule for cultural performances and workshops, as they add to the overall experience of the market.

FAQs on Ekamra Haat Bhubaneswar

  1. What is Ekamra Haat?

    Ekamra Haat is a unique marketplace in Bhubaneswar, Odisha that showcases the rich cultural heritage and traditional arts and crafts of the region.

  2. What can I find at Ekamra Haat?

    Ekamra Haat features more than 150 stalls selling a wide variety of products such as traditional handloom fabrics, applique work, stone carvings, metalwork, traditional jewelry, paintings, and other items that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region.

  3. Is there a food court at Ekamra Haat?

    Yes, there is a food court at the Haat where visitors can savor the flavors of Odisha’s traditional cuisine such as dalma, chakuli pitha, and chhena poda.

  4. Is there an open-air theatre at Ekamra Haat?

    Yes, there is an open-air theatre at Ekamra Haat where artists and performers showcase their talents. Visitors can enjoy traditional dance and music performances, puppet shows, and other cultural programs that are organized regularly.

  5. Is Ekamra Haat just a marketplace or is it also a cultural center?

    Ekamra Haat is not just a marketplace but also a cultural center that promotes the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

  6. Is photography allowed at Ekamra Haat?

    Photography is generally allowed at Ekamra Haat, but it’s best to check with the authorities or the shopkeepers before taking photos of the products.

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