Balangir District – Population, Map, Block list, PIN Codes and Famous Places

Balangir district is a district located in the western part of Odisha state. The district is named after its headquarters, Balangir, which is also known as Bolangir.

Balangir district is known for its rich cultural heritage, with several temples and other historical structures located throughout the district. The district is also home to a number of festivals, including the Dusshera and Diwali festivals, which are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in the Balangir district, with paddy, wheat, and pulse crops being the main crops grown. The district is also home to a number of small and medium-sized industries, including textile and food processing industries.

The district is well-connected by road and rail, with the NH-49 running through the district and the Balangir railway station serving as a major transportation hub. The district is also home to a number of educational institutions, including colleges and schools.

Overall, Balangir district is a vibrant and culturally rich part of Odisha, with a strong agricultural and industrial base. It is an important contributor to the state’s economy and is an attractive destination for tourists looking to explore the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

Balangir District Demographics At a Glance

Geographical Area6,575.00 sq.km
No. of Sub-Divisions :3
 No. of Municipalities/Corporation :2
 No. of Blocks :14
No. of Gram Panchayats :284
No. of Uninhabited Villages :32
No. of  Tahasils14
No. of N.A.Cs :3
No. of Police Stations :18
No. of Inhabited Villages :1751
No. of villages :1783
Balangir District Demographics At a Glance

Balangir District Map

Here is the map of Balangir District:

Balangir District Map
Balangir District Map

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Balangir District Sub-Division List

Sl. No.Name of the Sub-Division
Balangir District Sub-Division List

Balangir District Block List

Sl. No.Name of the Block
Balangir District Block List

Balangir District Important Telephone Numbers

Here are the details of Balangir District’s Important Telephone Numbers and email IDs:

Block Development Office:

NameLandline NoEmail
Block Development Office, Bangomunda06657-282242[email protected]
Block Development Office, Belpada06658-284432[email protected]
Block Development Office, Balangir Sadar06652-250792[email protected]
Block Development Office, Turekela06657-286001[email protected]
Block Development Office, Saintala06655-275211[email protected]
Block Development Office, Titilagarh06655-220522[email protected]
Block Development Office, Patnagarh06658-222230[email protected]
Block Development Office, Muribahal06655-272010[email protected]
Block Development Office, Loisingha06653-274025[email protected]
Block Development Office, Puintala06652-232098[email protected]
Balangir Block Development Office contact details

District Office:

NameLandline NoEmail
Office of the Chief District Medical and Public Health Officer06652-232243[email protected]
District Civil Supplies Office06652-234672[email protected]
Deputy Director of Agriculture06652-250195[email protected]
Office of the Collector and District Magistrate06652-232223[email protected]
Office of the Additional District Magistrate06652-232943[email protected]
Emergency Section, Collectorate06652-232452[email protected]
Establishment Section, Collectorate06652-232331
Nizarat Section, Collectorate06652-232944
Revenue Section, Collectorate06652-232603[email protected]
District Rural Development Agency06652-230812[email protected]
Balangir District Office contact details

Tahasil Office:

NameLandline NoEmail
Tahasil Office, Loisingha06653-274759[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Tusura06652-256034[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Titilagarh06655-220480[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Saintala[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Puintala[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Patnagarh06658-222203[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Muribahal[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Khaprakhol[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Kantabanji06657-220324[email protected]
Tahasil Office, Deogaon[email protected]
Balangir Tahasil Office contact details

Data Source – Balangir district website

Balangir District Places of Interest

Balangir District is famous for the following places of interest:

1. Bhima Dunguri

Bhima Dunguri is a popular tourist destination located in the Balangir district of Odisha. It is surrounded by lush, evergreen forests and is known for its ancient natural caves that can be found scattered throughout the hilly terrain. The village is particularly beautiful in the spring season, attracting visitors with its stunning landscape and panoramic views.

Each year, the people of Bhima Dunguri celebrate Girigobardhan Puja during the month of Kartika Purnima with a grand festival that includes mela and sankirtan. Bhima Dunguri is just 28 kilometres from the town of Balangir and can be reached by a good, all-weather motorable road. The village is a great destination for a weekend getaway and has several hotels, a circuit house, and IBs available in the nearby town of Balangir.

2. Kumuda Pahad

Kumuda Pahad is a hilly area that is known for its natural beauty and cultural significance. Located near the town of Titilagarh, it is home to the famous Dhabaleswar Temple, which is located in a spacious natural cave measuring 80 feet by 40 feet. There are also three other caves nearby.

The temple is a popular destination for visitors due to its religious significance and the belief that the deity, Lord Dhabaleswar, is benevolent and merciful to those who visit. The temple attracts a large number of visitors during the month of Shravana and Shivaratri.

In addition to the Dhabaleswar Temple, Kumuda Pahad is also home to a Lord Shree Ram Temple and a small reservoir on top of the hill. There is also a larger reservoir where water sports activities can be enjoyed. The area is a popular destination for tourists looking for a relaxing weekend getaway and has several budget hotels and stay-homes available.

3. Tureikela

Located 98 kilometres from the town of Balangir, Tureikela is a popular destination for group adventure activities and wildlife viewing. The area is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, deer, bears, foxes, elephants, wild birds, monkeys, and wolves. The beautiful chirping of birds perched on the trees adds to the excitement of exploring this natural setting.

Tureikela is a popular destination for school and college students, as well as weekend and leisure tourists who want to celebrate the new year in the midst of nature. It is an ideal place for those seeking an adventure-filled getaway surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

4. Gaikhai

Located 30 kilometres from the town of Balangir, Gaikhai is a place of great natural beauty, surrounded by green-capped hills on three sides. The water mass here is sparkling and offers a cool breeze to visitors, making it an ideal location for group camping.

Gaikhai is a popular destination for picnickers all year round, who come to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. The peaceful surroundings and stunning views make it a perfect place to relax and unwind.

5. Jogisarda

Jogisarda is a village located 25 kilometres to the east of Balangir, known for its Jogeswar Temple. It is believed that all wishes are fulfilled by worshipping the Jogeswar Mahadev, who is considered a living god due to the spontaneously arising Linga. The temple attracts devotees from far and wide, particularly on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.

The Sital Shasthi Yatra, which celebrates the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parbati, is also a major event in Jogisarda, celebrated with great pomp and joy. The village is an important religious site for Hindus and a popular destination for tourists interested in exploring the cultural and spiritual heritage of Odisha.

6. Saintala Chandi temple

Saintala is a village located 38 kilometers to the south of Balangir. It is known for its shrine to the Goddess Chandi in the form of Mahisamardini, which is installed in a small mound. The temple is home to several remarkable sculptures, including images of the Dasavatar (ten incarnations) of Vishnu and a broken door jamb with figures of Ganga and Yamuna.

Despite its historical and cultural significance, the temple is now in a dilapidated condition. Despite this, it remains an important religious site for Hindus and a popular destination for tourists interested in exploring the cultural heritage of Odisha.

7. Ranipur Jharial

Ranipur Jarial is a village located 104 kilometres to the southwest of Balangir. It is known for its shrine to the presiding deity of 64 Yoginis, which is located on a rocky hill and known as “Soma Tirth” in the scriptures.

The shrine is a combination of the religious faiths of Saivism, Buddhism, Vaisnavism, and Tantrism and is one of only four such shrines in India.

The village is home to around 50 temples, including a notable temple dedicated to Lord Someswar Siva. The Indralath, a majestic brick temple, is also located in Ranipur Jarial and is said to be the highest brick temple in the state of Odisha. To reach Ranipur Jharial, visitors can take a bus to Mundpadar, which is located 4 kilometres away.

8. Patneswari Temple

Patnagarh is a town located 40 kilometres to the west of Balangir. It is known for its ancient shrines and was once the capital of the Kingdom of Patna. The modern town is a blend of its mythic past and modern present and is rich in natural beauty.

It is famous for its many historical ancient temples, including the shrines of the Goddess Patneswari, the presiding deity, and Someswar Shiva, which date back to the 12th century.

These temples are notable for their Chalukya-style architecture and sculptures that showcase the earliest group of temples built during the Chauhan rule in western Odisha. Patnagarh is an important cultural and historical destination and a popular tourist attraction in the region.

9. Harishankar

Located on the southern slope of the Gandhamardan hills, Harishankar is a place of pilgrimage known for its stunning landscape and natural beauty. It is home to a perennial stream that flows over granite and forms cascades at different stages. The cool climate and natural surroundings make it an ideal destination for escaping the summer heat.

Visitors to Harishankar can take a refreshing bath in the stream and worship Lord Harishankar believed to grant the forgiveness of sins. The village is also home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, including a deer park that is popular with tourists.

Harishankar is a popular destination for tourists and a popular picnic spot, particularly during the Baishankha Mela. Visitors can stay at the panthanivas to enjoy the picturesque views of the area.

Harishankar is located 81 kilometres from the town of Balangir and can be reached by an all-weather good motorable road. Regular bus services operate between the town and the village, though visitors are advised to use their own transportation.

Nrusimhanath, another place of pilgrimage, is located on the northern slope of the Gandhamardan hills in Bargarh district and can be reached by a hilltop road that is 16 kilometres in distance. The journey is popular with mountain trekkers and adventure seekers, and the Nrusingha Chaturdasi Mela sees pilgrims making the journey on foot.

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Balangir District PIN Codes

Sl. No.Name of Head Post Office/Sub Post OfficePIN
1Balangir Head Office767001
3Balangir Court NDTSO767001
4Balangir R.S. NDTSO767001
11College Square NDTSO767001
15Harishankar Road767038
16Hatpadapara TLR, NDTSO767033
20Kantabanji Bazar NDTSO767039
24Marwari Bazar NDTSO767001
26Ordance Factory Badmal767070
27Patnagarh MDG767025
28P. Rampur767041
30Rajendra College 767002
31Rugudipada NDTSO767001
32Saintala 767032
35Sudpara NDTSO767001
36Talpalipara NDTSO 767001
37Tikrapara NDTSO767001
38Titilagarh Bazar NDTSO767033
39Titilagarh Court NDTSO767033
40Titilagarh MDG767033
Balangir District PIN Codes

FAQs on Balangir District

  1. What is the main occupation of the people in Balangir district?

    Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in Balangir district, with paddy, wheat, and pulse crops being the main crops grown. There are also several small and medium-sized industries in the district, including textile and food processing industries.

  2. What are the main tourist attractions in Balangir district?

    Some of the main tourist attractions in Balangir district include Bhima Dunguri, Kumuda Pahad, Tureikela, Gaikhai, Saintala, Patnagarh, and Harishankar. These places are known for their cultural and natural beauty, with a range of temples, hills, wildlife, and scenic landscapes.

  3. How do I reach Balangir district?

    Balangir district is well-connected by road and rail. The NH-49 runs through the district, and the Balangir railway station is located nearby. There are also regular bus and train services available from other cities in Odisha and neighboring states.

  4. Where can I stay in Balangir district?

    There are several hotels, guesthouses, and resorts available in Balangir district, as well as panthanivas in some of the tourist destinations. Visitors can also find accommodation in the nearby town of Balangir.

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