Odisha MLA Seat List: Name, Party, And Constituency Details

Odisha, the eastern state of India, is gearing up for its 16th Legislative Assembly election in 2024. The election will decide the fate of 147 members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) who will represent the people of Odisha in the state assembly. The election will also determine the next chief minister of Odisha, who will lead the state government for the next five years.

Odisha MLA Seat List Name, Party, And Constituency Details
Odisha MLA Seat List Name, Party, And Constituency Details

In this article, we will provide you with the complete Odisha MLA Seat List, along with their district, constituency, and party affiliation. We will also highlight the major political parties and alliances that are contesting the election, and their key issues and promises.

We hope this article will help you get a better understanding of the political landscape of Odisha and the choices and challenges faced by the voters.

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Odisha MLA Seat List

Serial NoMember NamePartyDistrict Name
1Shri Braja Kishore PradhanBiju Janata DalAngul
2Shri Mahesh SahooBiju Janata DalAngul
3Shri Rajani Kant SinghBiju Janata DalAngul
4Shri Sanjeeb Kumar SahooBiju Janata DalAngul
5Shri Sushant Kumar BeheraBiju Janata DalAngul
6Shri Ananta DasBiju Janata DalBalasore
7Shri Aswini Kumar PatraBiju Janata DalBalasore
8Shri Gobinda Chandra DasBharatiya Janata PartyBalasore
9Shri Jiban Pradip DashBiju Janata DalBalasore
10Shri Jyoti Prakash PanigrahiBiju Janata DalBalasore
11Shri Nityananda SahooBiju Janata DalBalasore
12Shri Parsuram DhadaBiju Janata DalBalasore
13Shri Sukanta Kumar NayakBiju Janata DalBalasore
14Late Subal SahuIndian National CongressBargarh
15Shri Debesh AcharyaBiju Janata DalBargarh
16Shri Pradip PurohitBharatiya Janata PartyBargarh
17Shri Susanta SinghBiju Janata DalBargarh
18Smt. Rita Sahu (Bye)Biju Janata DalBargarh
19Smt. Snehangini ChhuriaBiju Janata DalBargarh
20Dr. Byomakesh RayBiju Janata DalBhadrak
21Late Bijayshree RoutrayBiju Janata DalBhadrak
22Shri Jugal Kishore PattnaikBiju Janata DalBhadrak
23Shri Muktikanta MandalBiju Janata DalBhadrak
24Shri Prafulla SamalBiju Janata DalBhadrak
25Haji. Md. Ayub KhanBiju Janata DalBolangir
26Shri Jogendra BeheraBiju Janata DalBolangir
27Shri Kanak Vardhan Singh DeoBharatiya Janata PartyBolangir
28Shri Narasingha MishraIndian National CongressBolangir
29Smt. Tukuni SahuBiju Janata DalBolangir
30Shri Mahidhar RanaBiju Janata DalBoudh
31Shri Pradip Kumar AmatBiju Janata DalBoudh
32Dr. Pramod Kumar MallickBiju Janata DalCuttack
33Shri Chandra Sarathi BeheraBiju Janata DalCuttack
34Shri Debashish SamantarayBiju Janata DalCuttack
35Shri Debiprasad MishraBiju Janata DalCuttack
36Shri Prakash Chandra BeheraIndian National CongressCuttack
37Shri Pratap JenaBiju Janata DalCuttack
38Shri Pravat Ranjan BiswalBiju Janata DalCuttack
39Shri Pravata Kumar TripathyBiju Janata DalCuttack
40Shri Ranendra Pratap SwainBiju Janata DalCuttack
41Shri Nitesh Ganga DebBharatiya Janata PartyDeogarh
42Dr. Nrushingha Charan SahuBiju Janata DalDhenkanal
43Ms. Simarani NayakBiju Janata DalDhenkanal
44Shri Prafulla Kumar MallikBiju Janata DalDhenkanal
45Shri Saroj Kumar SamalBiju Janata DalDhenkanal
46Ms. Basanti MallickBiju Janata DalGajapati
47Shri Kengam Surya RaoIndian National CongressGajapati
48Dr. Pradeep Kumar PanigrahyBiju Janata DalGanjam
49Dr. Ramesh Chandra Chyau PatnaikBiju Janata DalGanjam
50Dr. Surjya Narayana PatroBiju Janata DalGanjam
51Late V. Sugnana Kumari DeoBiju Janata DalGanjam
52Ms. Nandini DeviBiju Janata DalGanjam
53Shri Bikram Keshari ArukhaBiju Janata DalGanjam
54Shri Debaraj MohantyBiju Janata DalGanjam
55Shri Naveen PatnaikBiju Janata DalGanjam
56Shri Priyanshu PradhanBiju Janata DalGanjam
57Shri Purna Chandra SethyBiju Janata DalGanjam
58Shri Purna Chandra SwainBiju Janata DalGanjam
59Shri Srikanta SahuBiju Janata DalGanjam
60Smt. Usha DeviBiju Janata DalGanjam
61Dr. Damodara RoutBiju Janata DalJagatsinghpur
62Ms. Rajashree MallickBiju Janata DalJagatsinghpur
63Shri Chiranjib BiswalIndian National CongressJagatsinghpur
64Shri Prasanta Kumar MuduliBiju Janata DalJagatsinghpur
65Shri Akash DasnayakBiju Janata DalJajpur
66Shri Amar Prasad SatpathyBiju Janata DalJajpur
67Shri Debasis NayakBiju Janata DalJajpur
68Shri Pranab Kumar BalabantarayBiju Janata DalJajpur
69Shri Pranab Prakash DasBiju Janata DalJajpur
70Shri Pritiranjan GharaiBiju Janata DalJajpur
71Smt. Pramila MallikBiju Janata DalJajpur
72Late Naba Kishore DasIndian National CongressJharsuguda
73Smt. Radharani PandaBharatiya Janata PartyJharsuguda
74Shri Anam NaikBiju Janata DalKalahandi
75Shri Balabhadra MajhiBiju Janata DalKalahandi
76Shri Dhaneswar MajhiBiju Janata DalKalahandi
77Shri Dibya Shankar MishraBiju Janata DalKalahandi
78Shri Puspendra Singh DeoBiju Janata DalKalahandi
79Shri Duguni KanharBiju Janata DalKandhamala
80Shri Jacob PradhanIndian National CongressKandhamala
81Shri Rajib PatraBiju Janata DalKandhamala
82Late Bed Prakash AgarawallaBiju Janata DalKendrapara
83Shri Anshuman MohantyIndian National CongressKendrapara
84Shri Atanu Sabyasachi NayakBiju Janata DalKendrapara
85Shri Devendra SharmaIndian National CongressKendrapara
86Shri Kishore Chandra TaraiBiju Janata DalKendrapara
87Shri Abhiram NaikBiju Janata DalKeonjhar
88Shri Badrinarayan PatraBiju Janata DalKeonjhar
89Shri Bedabyasa NayakBiju Janata DalKeonjhar
90Shri Hrusikesh Naik(Patna)Biju Janata DalKeonjhar
91Shri Mayadhar JenaBiju Janata DalKeonjhar
92Shri Sanatan MahakudIndependentKeonjhar
93Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan HarichandanBharatiya Janata PartyKhurda
94Shri Ashok Chandra PandaBiju Janata DalKhurda
95Shri Bhagirathi BadajenaBiju Janata DalKhurda
96Shri Bijaya Kumar MohantyBiju Janata DalKhurda
97Shri Prasanta Kumar JagadevBiju Janata DalKhurda
98Shri Priyadarshi MishraBiju Janata DalKhurda
99Shri Rajendra Kumar SahooBiju Janata DalKhurda
100Shri Shashi Bhusan BeheraBiju Janata DalKhurda
101Shri Chandra Sekhar MajhiIndian National CongressKoraput
102Shri Kailash Chandra KulesikaIndian National CongressKoraput
103Shri Krishna Chandra SagariaIndian National CongressKoraput
104Shri Prafulla Kumar PangiBiju Janata DalKoraput
105Shri Tara Prasad BahinipatiIndian National CongressKoraput
106Shri Dambaru SisaBiju Janata DalMalkangiri
107Shri Manas MadkamiBiju Janata DalMalkangiri
108Shri Bhadav HansdahBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
109Shri Bijay Kumar NayakBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
110Shri Ganeswar PatraBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
111Shri Golak Bihari NaikBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
112Shri Mangal Singh MudiBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
113Shri Praveen Chandra Bhanj DeoBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
114Shri Saiba Sushil Kumar HansdahBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
115Shri Sananda MarndiBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
116Shri Sudam MarndiBiju Janata DalMayurbhanj
117Dr. Arun Kumar SahooBiju Janata DalNayagarh
118Shri Anubhav PatnaikBiju Janata DalNayagarh
119Shri Purna Chandra NayakBiju Janata DalNayagarh
120Shri Rabinarayan MohapatraBiju Janata DalNayagarh
121Shri Bhujabal MajhiIndian National CongressNowrangpur
122Shri Manohar RandhariBiju Janata DalNowrangpur
123Shri Ramesh Chandra MajhiBiju Janata DalNowrangpur
124Shri Subash GondBiju Janata DalNowrangpur
125Late Duryodhan MajhiBharatiya Janata PartyNuapada
126Shri Basanta Kumar PandaBharatiya Janata PartyNuapada
127Late Pradeep MaharathyBiju Janata DalPuri
128Shri Maheswar MohantyBiju Janata DalPuri
129Shri Samir Ranjan DashBiju Janata DalPuri
130Shri Sanjay Kumar Das BurmaBiju Janata DalPuri
131Shri Surendra SethiBiju Janata DalPuri
132Shri Umakanta SamantrayIndependentPuri
133Shri Jagannath SarakaBiju Janata DalRayagada
134Shri Lal Bihari HimirikaBiju Janata DalRayagada
135Shri Trinath GomangoBiju Janata DalRayagada
136Ms. Raseswari PanigrahiBiju Janata DalSambalpur
137Shri Rabinarayan Naik(Kuchinda)Bharatiya Janata PartySambalpur
138Shri Ramesh PatuaBiju Janata DalSambalpur
139Shri Rohit PujariBiju Janata DalSambalpur
140Shri Niranjan PujariBiju Janata DalSubarnapur
141Shri Padmanabh BeheraBiju Janata DalSubarnapur
142Dr. Prafulla MajhiIndian National CongressSundargarh
143Shri Dilip Kumar RayBharatiya Janata PartySundargarh
144Shri George TirkeySamata Kranti DalSundargarh
145Shri Jogesh Kumar SinghIndian National CongressSundargarh
146Shri Laxman MundaCommunist Party of India (Marxist)Sundargarh
147Shri Mangala KisanBiju Janata DalSundargarh
148Shri Subrat TaraiBiju Janata DalSundargarh
Odisha MLS Seat List

FAQs on Odisha MLA Seat List

How many MLA seats are there in Odisha?

Odisha has a total of 147 MLA seats in its Legislative Assembly. This representation covers various constituencies across the state, ensuring a comprehensive legislative governance structure.

What is the MLA seat?

An MLA seat refers to the position held by an elected representative within a state’s Legislative Assembly. Citizens in a specific constituency elect a representative to this role, where they serve to enact state laws and address local issues. Each Indian state has a variable number of MLA seats, based on its population.

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