Adivasi Mela 2023 Bhubaneswar

Incredible Odisha

Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik inaugurated Adivasi Mela 2023 event on 20th February 2023.  

Adivasi Mela Inauguration

The Adivasi Mela 2023 kicked off with dance shows from various tribal groups of Odisha.

Adivasi Mela Dance

Adivasi Culture 

You will have an opportunity to experience  the adivasi culture in the Adivasi Mela.

Bike Ambulance

In this year's Adivasi Mela, an Unique concept of bike ambulance is on display.

Adivasi house

You will get a chance to experience how Adivasi people build their house and their lifestyle .

Adivasi Festivals

The festivals of the tribals constitute a integral part of their social life and relate to their strong beliefs in the power of supernatural elements and community togetherness

Adivasi Rituals

Among the tribesmen, festivities connected with sowing, harvesting and consumption of first fruits, and among shifting cultivations, the feeling of the jungle and burning it down for reduction to ash manure, are important ones.

Adivasi Customs

Among all the tribes conformity to customs and norms and social integration continue to be achieved through their traditional political organizations.

Adivasi Culture

The tribal culture of Orissa is also abundant is the celebration of festivals. Being God-fearing people, they worship numerous deities for their well-being.

Adivasi Culture

The tribal people of Orissa are strong, industrious and very hospitable in nature. They usually don’t intermingle with outsiders, since they are not too advanced and are quite shy