The Magnificent Konark Sun Temple

Incredible odisha

The Konark Temple, built in the 13th century C.E., incorporates sophisticated engineering techniques and astrological expertise to forecast the time of day down to the minute.

The Konark Sun Temple was built in the 13th century by King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty.

The words "Kona" and "Arka" are combined to form the term "Konark." Sun of the Corner is the combination of the words "Kona" (Corner) and "Arka" (Sun).

The sundial has 8 main spokes dividing the day into 8 equal parts of 3 hours each, with 8 smaller spokes in between indicating 90-minute intervals.

The Konark Wheel of Life

The wheel's 30 large beads divide 90 minutes into 30 equal 3-minute intervals, enabling precise timekeeping by observing the sun's shadow.

How Sun shadow is used

The Konark Sun Mandir has 24 such wheels carved across the temple which are said to serve as moon dials.

Konark Wheel Moon Dials

The Konark Sun Temple resembles a chariot pulled by seven horses and showcases Hindu mythological scenes through intricate sculptures and carvings

The Chariot

It is said that the Konark Sun Temple is erected on the ruins of an ancient city that got submerged under the Bay of Bengal due to a massive flood. The city is still under the temple

The Konark Sun Temple is rumored to have undiscovered rooms and secret passages that may contain treasures and artifacts hidden by the temple priests.

Konark Sun Temple Mysteries 

The Konark Sun Temple is situated around 35 km from Puri, and is accessible by road via Bhubaneswar or other nearby cities. Taxis or buses are available for visitors to travel to the temple from Puri.