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Nandan Kanan Zoological Park

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Nandan Kanan Zoo

Spread over an area of about 400 hectares, this zoo is home to a variety of exotic and indigenous animals, making it a popular tourist destination.

White Tiger Safari

Visitors can take a tour of the white tiger safari in a battery-operated vehicle and witness the majestic creatures up close.

The Lion Safari is a 20 minute drive through the roads that crisscross the natural forest in a specially protected vehicle, taking visitors straight to the pride of lions.

Nandankanan Zoo Lion Safari

The Nandankanan zoo has 210 enclosures, with a combination of cages and open moat enclosures to house its animals.

Nandankanan Enclosures

The Open Top Leopard Enclosure in Nandankanan attempts to exhibit this species in a large naturalistic enclosure that is open to the sky.

Open Leopard enclosure

The zoo has been successful in breeding several endangered species, including White Tigers, Gharials, and Asiatic Lions.

Nandankanan Animals

Nandankanan Zoo has included educational materials on marine and freshwater ecosystems in their Aquarium to highlight their uniqueness and conservation needs.

Nandankanan Aquarium

The Reptile Park, showcases the evolution and biology of reptiles through displays of models of prehistoric creatures.

Nandankanan Reptile Park

The Reptile Park is home to 27 species of reptiles, including crocodiles, lizards, turtles, and snakes. 

Nandankanan Snakes

The State Botanical Garden, which is located within the Nandankanan wildlife sanctuary, is a picturesque expanse of 75 hectares.

Nandankanan Botanical Garden

The walkthrough aviary, which houses a diverse range of arboreal, terrestrial, and aquatic birds, is a unique exhibit in the country

Nandankanan Walkthrough Aviary