Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Mahendragiri Hills

Incredile Odisha

Mahendragiri Landscape 

Mahendragiri is Situated just 97km away from Berhampur.

Clouds at Mahendragiri

You can literally see cloud below you at Mahendragiri

A view worth Millions

The view from top will take your breadth away!

Bhim Temple at Mahendragiri Hill

On the top of the Mahendragiri you will find a Bhim temple

Stone shaped like a hut!

If you are looking for hotels to stay near Mahendragiri then look for hotels in Berhampur.

See it to believe it - Mahendragiri Hills

View of Mahendragiri from road

The landscape view from the top of the Mahendragiri is a feast if you love scenic places!

View of Mahendragiri Hill from bottom of hills

If you are driving, you can reach the Mahendragiri Hills by taking the National Highway 16 and then taking the state highway to reach the Mahendragiri

Mahendagiri Hill is the 2nd highest peak in Odisha

Mahendagiri Hill in Monsoon

October to February is the best time to visit Mahendragiri Hills if you are planning for a trek!