Deomali Hill Top

All that you need to know for your trip to Deomali Hills

Deomali Mountains 

With a height of 1762 meters, Deomali Mountains are a source of rich minerals. Deomali is the highest peak of Odisha.

On the way to Deomali Hill

Deomali is 60 kms aways from Koraput, 80 kms away from Jeypore and easily accessible by road.

Temperature at Deomali Hills

Temperature in Deomali hilltop goes below zero degrees Celsius in winters!

Deomali Hill Range

The view of Deomali hill range from the bottom of the hills is beautiful and scenic.

Trekking at Deomali 

Deomali is the highest peak of Odisha. It is one of the bucket list for Adventurists.

For adventure seekers 

Paragliding facilities are available at Deomali. Please check our website for details.

Roads at Deomali Hilltop

The roads to Deomali are in good conditions with occasional bumpy rides.

Deomali Hill on a Cloudy day

Deomali in Monsoon is one of the best time to visit. You will find Deomali Hills lush green!

Into the Clouds at Deomali Hills

In the Monsoon season, you will feel like you are inside the clouds.

Deomali Waterfall

In the monsoon season you can find a number of small and medium waterfalls in and around Deomali Hill. 

Deomali Viewing points

There are a number of viewing point where you can sit and enjoy panoramic view of the Deomali Hills

Deomali Aerial view

Deomali Hill aerial view is a sight to behold. If you have a drone, don't forget to carry it with you!